Live Turkish Music by İLHAN ÖZULU

Friday, October 3@ 9pm-2am in PDT

Late Dining available *
Dancing is a MUST

RSVP suggested, limited seating
Dress Code Enforced *
$10 per person Admission


Welcome to Serra's Dine & Dance

Serra's Dine & Dance is located in the heart of the Studio City, California after entertaining at Laguna & Beach, California for 20 years under the name "Serra's Bar & Grill".

This exotic dance spot brings you a blend of global beats. Get jiggly to Turkish, Persian, and Latin& beats, whether they are performed live or via DJ. The dancing at Serra’s provides you with the perfect opportunity to grab that special someone and hold ‘em close on the dance floor.

Serra's Dine & Dance soft and welcoming ambience reflects the very unique and authenticated Turkish and Middle east culture but yet you'll feel at home even though
you are not from the region.

This fun spot not only features live music and lots of dancing but brings delicious and rich Turkish cuisine right at your table. You cannot stop ordering more kofte, lahmacun, manti, dolma, hummus or grilled shrimps with Serra's touch.

Before we say "see you there" we' want to mention that there is a room with the pool
table for the pool & beer lovers.



Now we are changing the look, content and the feel of our web site.
It will be an amazing fun site for you to fallow our special events and nights.

Not only this, soon you will be able to browse through out mouth watering menu and decide what do you want for take out or order while you are dinning with us.

Keep visiting!!!




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We will let you know about our upcoming special events and nights.

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